Report of the Stockmen

Words: Norm Habel, Music: Robin Mann – From “Outback Christmas” a book by Norm Habel and Pro Hart, and a song by Robin Mann.  Recorded on “Christmas in the Scrub” by Leigh Newton

1. We found the baby Jesus wrapped in strips of rag
And lying in a feebox in a shed.
His hands were red, newborn red.
His hands were newborn red.

2. We heard the baby Jesus lying in the straw
And crying for his mother in the shed
His face was red, newborn red
His face was newborn red.

3. We believe the baby Jesus dreaming in the hay
Was God who came to find us in a shed.
His flesh was red, newborn red,
His flesh was newborn red.

4. So we told the world about him, Jesus way outback
We said that God was crying in a shed.
His flesh was red, like ours was red,
His flesh like ours was red.