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When the angel came that day1998The MagnificatChristmas in the Shed
We were soldier, sailor, convicts1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
We are wombats1986Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Tick tock ticking1992Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Three truck drivers1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
The wombat, the possum and the small gecko1991ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
The stable mouse1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
The stable light1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
The caterpillar song1986Children's, EasterGrandma rides a Harley
Thankyou for the friends1989Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Sorry Lord1990ConfessionGrandma rides a Harley
See the sun1988AdventChristmas in the Shed
Roll the rock1992EasterGrandma rides a Harley
Rockin' into church1992Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Rock 'n roller star1988Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Narrunga Lullaby1990Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Kammammi's lullaby1990Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Jesus, he's a friend1990Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Jesus looks after us all1985Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Jesus at the table1985Holy WeekGrandma rides a Harley
It's Christmas one and all 1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
I am the way2018John 14:6-
How long O Lord2002Ps 13All Together OK #565
Grandma rides a Harley1989Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
God in a garage1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Getting bigger1982Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Firefighters' Carol1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Drawing song1984Children'sGrandma rides a Harley
Come little Jesus1987ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Christ was born in a shearing shed1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Can this be really true? 1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Bill and Sally1999ChristmasChristmas in the Shed
Are you the one?1990Matt 11Grandma rides a Harley
We had seen the star2016Advent-
What is this scene? 2002Matt 17:1-8 The TransfigurationAll Together For Good #541
We are shameful2017Confession-
There in the garden2019Maundy Thursday, Holy Week-
The bully song1995Children's-
Song of despair2019From 'The Invitation'The invitation
Search Me O God (Newton) – lyrics1993Ps 139Altogether Together OK 394
Out of the whirlwind2020The death of George Floyd -
If you love me2020John 14-
I am the good shepherd2001, 2020John 10:14-
Have you heard the news2019From 'The Invitation'The invitation
From a still small voice2017Peace through grieving times-
Everyone is invited in 2019From 'The Invitation'The invitation
Every single stone2021Holy Week - Peter is accused in the courtyard-
As I place myself in isolation 2020Serving others through isolating ourselves through the pandemic-
And we stood right there1993Holy Week All Together #335
We come to you2002, 2020Confession of sin-
Child of mine
Glory to GodAdvent, The Magnificat
God at work in countless ways
God walks with us in shimmering heat2022Seasons of Creation
God still surprises
Grant us your grace
Here we are in the church
I am the Good Shepherd John 11
In heaven's time
Jesus be our harbour light
Jesus Christ lamb of GodLiturgical, Agnus Dei
Jesus Christ was crucifiedEaster liturgical piece
Little boy
Look at her teardrops
Lord, Jesus Christ, kyrie eleison
Nature in praise of youSeason of creation