A song for Epiphany – We Had Seen The Star

I was given the challenge of singing a song for Epiphany this year, 2016.  Finding only We Three Kings and several choral pieces on YouTube, that was suitable signal for me to attempt to write something. I would be honoured if the song was used in your context.  Thanks to Rev Christa Magaw, from Bridegwater Uniting Church, for the invitation to sing something on the day, which could not be found.  Inspiration comes in many guises.

We had seen the star – a song for Epiphany

We had seen the star – lyrics, melody and chords – Added 15th Aug 2016

Here’s another version of the same song.


2 thoughts on “A song for Epiphany – We Had Seen The Star

  1. Thanks for leaving us this recording …
    With cases of Covid rising in the UK we took the decision this morning to go back on-line again for our sunday worship – and I was lead quickly to this recording. It will be an excellent song for us to play during this Epiphany Sunday’s service.
    Many Thanks – and best wishes for a fulfilling 2021

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