And we stood right there

Leigh Newton © 1993

A Holy Week, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday song.

Song with subtext.
  1. You rode into Jerusalem like a king who came in peace
    As word went on before you there were thousands in the street
    And we stood right there in the festive air, and we thought our king was here
    And we waved our arms and we laid down palms, as a crowd we yelled and cheered.
  2. You strode into the temple and you cast your gaze around
    You showed God’s holy anger and you cast their tables down
    And we stood right there in the trader’s fair and we cursed your very name
    And the word went ’round how to bring you down and we all agreed the same.
  3. You sat there at the table and you passed yourself around
    You spoke of what was coming, they just shook their heads and frowned.
    Then as Judas rose and about to go to achieve his fateful deed,
    We all made him wait as we cleaned our plate and we joined him in his greed.
  4. You faced them in the garden when they came with arms and might
    You took your friend’s betrayal, you were waiting there that night.
    And we stood right with a soldier’s flair and we proudly bound your arms,
    Or as Jesus’ mates we made our escape and in fear we fled from harm.
  5. You stood in the Sanhedrin and were soon condemned to death
    By priests and scribes and elders, we were right there in their midst.
    In the palace grounds Peter heard the sounds of accusers closing in,
    But the strength wears thin and we fail like him as the cock crows once again.
  6. They handed you to Pilate for they had no power to kill,
    But Pilate being wary, wanted no part in this deal.
    “Who can I now free, giving liberty to a prisoner on this day?”
    And we all replied, “Jesus crucify! Send Barabas on his way!”
  7. Oh, Jesus, we are frightened and we know not where we stand
    One moment we have freedom, then we run from love’s own hand.
    Take our fear away for the risks each day in the place where we must stand
    Give us hearts at play, set us free your way, hold us ever in your hand
    (*repeat last line)