Boomerang of Flowers – lyrics

Boomerang of flowers

Music: Leigh Newton, Words: Mary Philip © Leigh Newton 1983 – Recorded on “Christmas in the Scrub” by Leigh Newton

1. A child is lying cradled here,
Beneath the slender gum;
The god of might has left his home,
And to Australia come.
The kookaburra laughs with glee,
The shy koala peeps,
The magpie carols blissfully,
As little Jesus sleeps

What shall we give our infant king?
A boomerang of flowers?
To say come back and stay with us
And be forever ours.   (repeat)

2. One day a cross will hold him fast,
And lest we should forget,
Above him in the sapphire sky
A cross of stars is set.
But there’ll be no pain for today,
But peace and joy and love.
Beneath the slender gum he sleeps,
And magpies sing above.