Donkey Donkey – lyrics

Donkey Donkey

From the collection, “Christmas in the Scrub”
Leigh Newton © 1983


               D          G     D
Donkey donkey plod along
‘               A                           D
Donkey donkey it won’t be long
‘                     G           D
Take it easy with your load
‘                   A                         D
Not much further down the road.

     G                                                 D
1. Stepping on the dirt and stones, careful as you go!
A                                       D
Don’t you jump if a rabbit hops across the road.
‘        G                                                    D                       G
The bush galahs all screech away, the magpies warble on;
‘       A                                                   D
To help along the way they sing their song.

2. There’s a girl, tired and sore, riding on your back;
There’s a man, he walks in front, down the dusty track.
See the sun? When it goes down you can rest again;
You’ll be in a shed in Bethlehem.

3. When you’re there you’ll know why the ‘roos don’t bound away,
Why you must beat the haze and get them there this day;
For tonight in Bethlehem a tiny king is born
Thanks to you this donkey, tired and worn.