I am the Good Shepherd

Lead sheet


I Am the Good Shepherd

Leigh Newton © 2001, 2020

1.       I am the Good Shepherd; I’ll watch when you’re weary.
Each night as you’re sleeping, beside you I’ll lie.
I’ll share with you every tear, stand with you in your fear,
Walk in your dreaming and sing in your day.

2. I am the Good Shepherd; the weakest I favour;
The smallest of all is the greatest I say.
I’ll risk all I have for you, take on disgrace for you,
Rather than have you go wandering away.

3. I am the Good Shepherd; ‘though can’t make you linger,
I’d break every rule for you if you should stray.
Down to the depths with you, give all I am for you.
Lay down my life for you, here, every day.

4. I am the Good Shepherd; I’m there when you’re dying;
Through heartache and sorrow as breath slips away,
And when life is over, it’s time for another;
I’ll lift you like infant clean out of the grave.

5. I am the Good Shepherd, I’ll love you forever,
‘Til heaven has come down and Earth is made new.
Come live in this world with me, love is your destiny;
Darkness has faded and morning’s in view.