Search me, O God

Words: Leigh Newton based on Psalm 139
Music: Leigh Newton based on Ludwig van Beethoven (La Pathetique)

  1. Search me O God
    and know my anxious heart.
    Behind me and before me,
    you lay your hand upon me.
  2. Where might I hide
    to flee you tender touch?
    No darkness or the ocean
    hides me from your devotion.

    You know my every need,
    You know my thoughts, my joy, my crying,
    God your wisdom ways
    Surround me at my birth, my dying.
  3. Woven by you
    deep in my mother’s womb.
    That moment of conception
    you knew my life’s direction.
  4. Search me, O God
    and purify my ways.
    O teach me love surpassing,
    guide me in all that’s lasting.


    Verse 1.