Shepherd’s Dream – lyrics

Shepherd’s dream

Music: trad, Words: Robin Mann

1. One night while minding sheep all my mates, they were asleep
There was night a star to illuminate the sky
I was singing to my dog and a half a million frogs
When a very strange procession passed me by
First there came an angel bright looking almost OMO white
I tell you I soon finished up my song
For although I’d been around through the country and the town
I thought, “Well, what I’m drinking must be strong!”

2. This angel sort of bloke, he just upped to me and spoke
He told me not to worry, not to scare
For he said he had some news, it was good and it was true
He said he had important things to share
For tonight is born a boy who is God’s own pride and joy
Born to save us all is Christ the Lord
And if you leave here right away you can find him in some hay
In the stable of the local bed and board.

3. Well, by now my mates had woke and were staring at this bloke
And no-one dared to move from where he lay
But we nearly died of shock when a great enormous flock
Of these angels came to finish off the day
And they sang us all a song about God’s glory lasting long
And peace and all the best to every man, woman and child
Then as quickly as they came they just went away the same
And every thing seemed normal once again.

4. So we went into the pub and out back, just past the dub
We found the boy asleep inside a trough
And his mum was tuckered out, she’d had it hard enough no doubt
And his dad as well looked like he’d had enough.
Oh, we’re not religious but we’d been told about this lot
So we just knelt and thanked the God we knew
Then we left and since that night I tell anyone that likes
All about the night the angel brought the news.