We had seen the star

Leigh Newton and Tanya Wittwer © 2016

Born out of frustration with the lack of Epiphany songs, after being asked to sing on Epiphany in 2016.

We Had Seen The Star

Leigh Newton and Tanya Wittwer © 2016

  1. We had seen the star, we had read the signs,
    And we went back through the ancient scrolls;
    And they seemed to say that a star would rise,
    On a king, as prophets had foretold.

And the star, it beckoned westward in the heavens:
“Come and follow, come and find the baby boy,
“Who will heal the rift dividing all the nations;
“Who will one day turn your tears to joy.”
(V4: “Who will one day make your tears your joy.”)

  1. Would they welcome us? Would they turn away,
    When we came in search of dreams unknown?
    In this foreign land would we lose our lives,
    Before the chance of going home?

Had we seen the start of something more important?
Is this folly? Is this wisdom? I don’t know.
Are there others, who now follow and come after,
Who are out there on that dusty road?

There was gold for wealth, to rule this broken place, this warring world,
There was frankincense to fill the priestly role,
There was honesty and myrrh enough for all that lay ahead;
But our hearts were full of hope untold.
Yes, our hearts were full of hope untold.

  1. When we found the place – God forgive us all
    For the lowly state in which he lay –
    Just a tiny house! And the little child
    Was lying on a sheaf of hay.

Was the boy another another king of distant Israel?
Seems the star said something more had happened here.
And they told us of the livestock and the manger
Where the babe was wrapped to calm his fears.


  1. Repeat Verse 1