Everyone is invited in

Leigh Newton 2018

One of three songs from the children’s musical: The Invitation.

Song with vocals

Backing track


Everyone is invited in

Part 1
Everyone is invited in, all the doors are open wide
No hidden corners, nothing to hide.
Everyone is a welcome guest. There are many rooms for all.
Come as you are with God at your side.

Part 2
No matter how far you run, no matter what you have done,
And no matter who you are, God won’t run away.
We all are still welcome in, and no matter where we’ve been,
The meek and the tear-away are all welcome here.

Part 3
Every time we are lost, we will still be found by you.
You are our fire at night, you are our cloud by day.
You are the path ahead and walk us on our way with sight
For all the good things you’ve done.

Repeat Part 1

Repeat Part 2
… are all welcome here.