Song of despair

One of three songs from the children’s musical: The Invitation.

Leigh Newton 2018

Song with singing
Backing track

Lyrics – 3 verses with different melodies that are sung together at the end.

  1. I am just a worm, in fact I’m just a tail.
    From head to toe I am no killer whale.
    I am just a worm to the nth degree
    God’s messenger won’t come for me.
  2. I am just a snail, with feelers on my head,
    I’m slow as slow can be, be careful where you tread.
    I am just a snail, just refuse and debris.
    I live within my shell, I’m not God’s cup of tea.
  3. I am just a moth, who hides throughout the day,
    My wings of camouflage are ugly brown, dusty-grey.
    I am just a moth, it’s true, to my dismay,
    God won’t care for me, I’m just a cast-away.
  4. (All verses sung simultaneously)