From a still small voice

Words: Leigh Newton & Sean Gilbert © 2017
Music: Leigh Newton © 2017

The spark for this song came from a Transforming Worship conference in the Uniting Church of Australia in Adelaide, July 2017. Rev Sean Gilbert, in his devotion on the first morning, provided one of the two themes in the song when he spoke about God’s gifts, ‘neither asked nor consented’ and how the smallest of ideas can become a significant event or movement. The second theme was sparked by Rev Avril Hannah-Jones when she spoke of
wishing that there were more songs about the Jesus with tears running down his face, and wanting to openly acknowledge that life can be challenging for many reasons, not least because of anxiety and depression.

  1. From a still small voice in silence,
    While the storms rage in our heart,
    Comes the hope of dreams and healing;
    Salve for souls near torn apart.
    Jesus, in our pain and sorrow,
    Whispers, “You are not alone.”
    Wraps the arms of God around us;
    Never leaves us here or on our own.
  2. From a glimpse of something simple,
    Smallest word or tiny seed,
    Comes the hope of unimagined
    Blessings for our earthly need.
    In this hope for lives transforming –
    Sister, brother, stranger, friend;
    Holy Spirit, plant your vision,
    For our life and living without end.
  3. From the cross there blows a promise;
    Echoes softly through the hills.
    There is hint of life lived better,
    For us all, who God indwells.
    Neither asked for, nor consented,
    Gifts come raining every day.
    Where they lead and what they nurture,
    Is a myst’ry still and who can say?
  4. Jesus, come and tend these wounded –
    Come and sit here in our midst.
    Be the calm that stops our shaking,
    Come and hold this drifting ship.
    Let your spark of hope grow in us;
    Use these talents for your will.
    Through the grieving and the aching,
    May we trust the one who loves us still.