Have you heard the news

Leigh Newton © 2019

One of three songs from the children’s musical: The Invitation.

Song with vocals

Backing track

Have you heard the news?

(from the musical, ‘The Invitation’)

Have you heard the news? Gonna be a celebration.
God is calling friends. Time to lose your frown.
Time to celebrate! Bring your special invitation,
Time to sing and dance. Time to paint the town.

  1. Clean your hooves and brush your hair,
    Oil your feathers and have no care, tonight.
    Wash your fur and let it shine
    Comb your tail and be on time, tonight.


  1. Will there be bales of hay? (spoken by the Herald: Could be.)
    Will there be green, green grass? (spoken: There’s a good chance.)
    Will there be wheat or flax? (Every likelihood)
    Will there be compost scraps (Of course) tonight? Will there be bunches of leaves? (I reckon)
    Will there be roots and seeds? (If you like)
    Will there be bunches of carrots? (spoken: You never know.)
    Will there be chocolate (spoken: Now that would be nice) tonight?


Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate now!