Henry (Lippai) – lyrics

Henry (Lippai)

German trad – Recorded on “Christmas in the Scrub” by Leigh Newton

1. Henry a wake, don’t sleep.
What is that you said?
I don’t know how you can stay asleep!
This is my bed!
Come with me to the field,
See there the wonder revealed.
Look! It’s as light as day!
What’s that you say?

2. Sweet sound of singing fills the air.
I can’t hear a thing.
Come, take your pipe, lets go there.
I’m coming!
Angels sing joyfully,
He is born truthfully,
Born a child as king today.
Is that what they say?

3. Bethlehem is the town.
Who told you?
The angel spoke it all around.
Is this really true?
A young maid both sweet and mild,
Is mother of the child.
Lets go where the star shines bright.
Yes! You’re right.

4. A new king is born today.
A child is king.
In a stable he lies in hay.
Oh! What a thing!
I’ll ask his mother sweet,
His name when soon we meet.
Come, good friend, come with me.
Yes I want to see.