What do you give to a kid from God? – lyrics

What do you give to a kid from God

Words: Norm Habel, Music: Robin Mann

  1. What do you give to a kid from God?
    Here is a nugget from the gold rush days,
    It’s a beauty that my father found.
    It looks a little green but it’s gold inside,
    Perhaps you could make a crown.

2. Here is a nice drop of vintage port,
I collected on the Southern run;
I was saving it for some of special day,
It’ll keep ’til your twenty one.

3. This here is the hide of a wallaby,
I tanned it through the winter days.
I know it smells a bit like tanning bark;
But that’ll keep all the mozzies away.

4. This is a stone with secret signs,
For we who are the blacks know well.
That you have the spirit of the crying tree,
From the dreaming tracks you crossed we can tell.

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