Psalm 139: Search Me O God – a song

Beethhoven’s La Pathetique was the theme music used by John Cargher on ABC RN’s Singers of Renown over five decades.  While studying one day I realised that this would make an excellent worship song and on asking my wife, Tanya Wittwer for a suggested topic, she suggested her favourite psalm, which was 139.
The video was recorded by Craig Mitchell at the Uniting Church of Australia’s (UCA) Songwrite weekend at Burnside UCA, SA, in June 2016.  Guest speaker was Michael Hawne, from SMU Perkins, School of Theology, Texas.

The sheet music is found here. You are welcome to use this in your church with acknowledgment.


Words by Leigh Newton based Psalm 139. Music by Leigh Newton based on Beethoven’s “La Pathetique”.  Music in “All Together OK”.  Leigh Newton © 1993.     Website:


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