See the sun – lyrics

See the Sun

Leigh Newton © 1988

  1. See the sun ride high across the blue,
    See the summer eucalyptus hue,
    See the jacarandas all in bloom,
    Signal Christ will soon be here.
  2. See the star that points the way to life,
    See the kings who travel through the night,
    See young Mary riding in her plight
    With the child still in the womb.
  3. Praise the child we now await to come,
    Praise the boy born as the Father’s son,
    For this baby is the only one
    Who can lead us back to God.

But the summer knows that life is cruel;
His pain will not be easy.
When the bushfires roar across this land
His life will then be given.

  1. But for now our child will soon be born,
    Born our brother in the early morn,
    Born a servant who will calm the storm
    That divides us from our Lord.