Dancing the circle – lyrics

Dancing The Circle

(from Seasons for Growth – a grief and loss program for children)

Words and Music: Leigh Newton © 1995

  1. It’s getting cooler, cooler every day

See the wind blowing the sun away

Feeling the autumn bring wind and rain

It’s time for letting go, no longer in control.



We all keep dancing the circle,

Like autumn, winter, summer, spring.

We’re changing right through the cycle

Then we return to begin.


  1. And now it’s winter and it’s dark and cold

Feel how it burns in this empty soul;

Nowhere to go and you turn within.

The sun just doesn’t come, and all you feel is numb.


  1. It’s getting warmer, see the shoots appear;

The murmur of spring and new life is here.

Smell how the promise hangs in the air;

The healing has begun, the promise of the sun.


  1. The days are longer, the trees are growing strong,

With freedom of summer we’re moving on.

So much to do on these sunny days

We open up the door for all there is in store.