Christmas in the Scrub

Report of the Stockmen Words: Norm Habel, Music: Robin Mann – From “Outback Christmas” a book by Norm Habel and Pro Hart, and a song by Robin Mann.  Recorded on “Christmas in the Scrub” by Leigh Newton 1. We found the baby Jesus wrapped in strips of rag And lying in a feebox in a …

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Come all you shepherds – lyrics

Come all you shepherds Czech trad – recorded on “Christmas in the Scrub” by Leigh Newton Come all you shepherds arise, leave your sheep! Come to the stable, Lord Jesus to seek! Lo! in a manger lies Christ anointed, Whom, as our Saviour, God has appointed. Glory to God high!

Christmas in the Scrub – lyrics

Christmas in the Scrub Leigh Newton © 1983            C                               F 1. At Christmas time the birds all sing C                       D7         G The rabbits jump, the lizards crawl C                            F At Christmas time the outback rings C               G          C All for the birth of God Chorus G For the birth of God, the wallabies hop …

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