We are shameful – lyrics

We are shameful

Words and music: Leigh Newton © 2010

  1. We are shameful, we are sorry for the wars lost and won;

In our anger was hurting, but the deeds still were done.

Bring us your healing, give us hearts anew,

Teach us what we need to know, so we forgive like you;

Give us hearts anew.


  1. We’re unworthy, it’s appalling, we are guilty as sin;

In the choices we’ve taken we have shown what we’ve been.

We’re naked and empty, there’s nothing we can do,

Just tattered souls and sorry hearts are all we offer you –

It’s all that we can do.


  1. We are longing for connection, we don’t know where to go;

There are people around us but we still feel alone.

We need direction, teach us how to live;

The way we hurt our dearest ones, we just can’t forgive;

Teach us how to live.


  1. We come aching to the cross now, in the hope of your breath

We are broken, we’re naked, and we reach out from death.

Though we bear this scarring – such power to betray –

You turn this cross to life and love, you change the terms of play;

Come bring us peace this day. (repeat last two lines)